I'm Back

106 Jai

I'm Back - Single

(Vader On The Beat)



Fuck wrong with ‘em?

Yeah, bitch, waddup



Must not know ‘bout that shit, I don’t give a fuck ‘bout no label (Yeah, give no fuck)

I don’t give a fuck ‘bout no team (Yeah, yeah, light that bitch)

I don’t give a fuck ‘bout no, ‘bout no, no, ‘bout no bitch (Nah)

I ain’t, I don’t give a fuck ‘bout no money (No money)

I don’t give a fuck ‘bout none, I don’t (None)

I don’t give a fuck about none (Yeah, hold on)

Fuck you want do bitch (Yeah, hold on, bitch)

That shit got me trippin’ brain fog waddup (Yeah, hold on, yeah)

Steady thinkin’ ‘bout my past like where the good times went?

That shit there got me reminiscin’ (Where they went?)

I’m still on my grind, I ain’t wastin’ no time but they know for a fact I make harder decisions (On God)

They say they fuck with me

But when I tell ‘em all my problems how come them bitches never listen? (Never listen)

The only reason why I’m winnin’ is ‘cause I’m doin’ shit they didn’t and no I ain’t finished (My decisions)

Consistently workin’ I don’t even know if this shit gon’ work but I’m still chasin’ my dreams

Tryna get this shit in, stackin’ dividends, but I been distracted by too many things

I tried to do vlogs

I’m still tryna understand why the fact them bitches don’t fuck with me

I tried to play ball

But that bitch ass school and that bitch ass coach ain’t let me on the team

I’m still doin’ this shit independent I don’t give a fuck them bitches still gon’ ride my wave

They say that they fuck with me I know they use me for followers tell ‘em take that to my grave

Stop askin’ me ‘bout her I ain’t worried ‘bout that bitch I ain’t spoke to her since the 9th Grade (On God)

I don’t fuck with nobody watch me get this shit by myself, I’ma get this shit my way (On me)

I ain’t worried ‘bout shit (None)

I don’t talk to nobody so just know if they speak up on me they all on my dick (Fuck ‘em)

How the fuck am I talked about but them bitches know damn well that I stay out the mix (For real)

I ain’t no fuckin’ killer but bitch if you play with my loved ones then bitch you get zipped

Look at all the progress I did by myself I ain’t had no motherfuckin’ clique (Look at it)

I been stackin’ my money but I ain’t gon’ lie I been feelin’ like I’m losin’ faith (Waddup)

I ain’t worried ‘bout nobody that be sneak dissin’ on Insta and Twitter bitch you know I’m paid (It’s stuck)

Been stackin’ more green since a youngin 14 they know for a fact I could careless what they say (Boom)

I ain’t fuckin’ with nobody ‘cause I know for a fact them bitches gon’ tryda eat off my plate (Waddup)

So many setbacks just to win

Annoyed by the fact that I don’t fit in (On God)

I don’t fuck with nobody

How the fuck I got more Benjamin’s than a motherfuckin’ friend (Exactly)

I can’t flashout, I know that I’m smarter then that, but they know I wanna kill a man (Got my passion)

Since 2005, been thuggin’ me, myself and I

I’m steady screamin’ “fuck a friend” (Waddup)

Like bitch


Fuck they want do?

Yeah, and I’m back now (Yeah)

And I ain’t worried about none (Light that shit up man)

Yeah, yeah, consistently been stackin’ money (Light that bitch)

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, lighter ain’t workin’ (Get that pack in like that)

Hold on, waddup

I ain’t

And I’m gone