East Tulsa rapper 106 Jai dove straight into making music at a young age of 14, making beats off his phone to growing into a full time studio recording artist. While going through challenges and more trying to chase his dreams, he vents using the microphone speaking on what he’s been through, past events that made him a stronger human being, what he’s achieved in what he loves doing and more what comes to mind. Originally known as Big Jai, releasing instrumental projects such as “Betrayal”, “Been That”, “Been That 2” and his debut mixtape with a feature “918 Baby”. He took a very long break from music for 2 years and 6 months. Since then he has came back harder than ever and is now awaiting for his 2nd mixtape to release “106 Prodigy”. From Jai himself “#D3NE4L”.

2nd Logo

"This logo self explanatory. It got the 106, the street I was raised on. And it got the Jai, me." - 106 Jai

1st Log0

"There's a B and a J together for Big Jai. The J curves at the bottom goin' into the other curve from the B. This logo was my first, when I went by Big Jai. It was made when I wasn't releasing music, that's why there's no cover art's with the logo on it." - 106 Jai

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